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win career club is an exclusive membership service that gives you access to a 360 degrees career growth solution for IT professionals. Your membership to this club gives you the opportunity to benefit from our bouquet of six high-powered benefits.

1Career Opportunities
2Career Counselling
3Personal Branding
4Professional Networking
5Exclusive Workshops
6 Deep Discounted Certifications
1Career Opportunities
2Career Counselling
3Personal Branding
4 Professional Networking
5Exclusive Workshops
6Deep Discounted Certifications

Join win Career Club!

6 Benefits. One Membership
Career Opportunities
Explore a range of full-time and freelance projects to take your career to new heights.
Career Counselling
Get expert advice and guidance to help you reach your career aspirations.
Personal Branding
Showcase your skills and abilities to the world through events and activities organized by the win Career Club.
Professional Networking
Build valuable connections and make lasting relationships with industry experts in your field.
Exclusive Workshops
Stay ahead of the curve and learn from experts in your field through webinars and virtual events.
Deep Discounted Certifications
Get access to our courses that you need to achieve your career goals at an exclusive members-only deep-discounted price, throughout the year.
Membership Fee Details
Standard Be a member and grow without boundaries₹15,000 Yearly

Ideal for IT professionals looking for career growth. Beneficial for entry level as well as senior professionals alike. This price is applicable from 1st March 2023. Access to all 6 services

Early Bird OfferAll benefits of a standard membership at an effectively zero price.₹15,000₹10,000Yearly (Zero effective price)Learning coupon worth Rs. 10,000 that can be redeemed against our entire course catalog, making your effective membership fee zero. (conditions apply)Standard membership +
Existing CustomerA no-cost-involved offer, only for our existing customers₹15,000₹0Yearly This zero cost membership is open to our entire customer base. If you have availed any course from us in the past, you are eligible for this offer.Standard membership +